MICROGREENS Healthy, Tasty & Fun! For Sale

We grow all of our microgreens, from 100% GMO Free Seeds, sourced only from the top Rocky Mountain seed producers and farmers. The greens are meticulously grown through sustainable agricultural methods without ever using pesticides, fungicides or any chemical additives. We grow our microgreens in organic compost.

They are planted every week and are organically grown and harvested for direct sale at our favorite Farmer’s Markets and restaurants, enabling local restaurants in Estes Valley and Loveland to expand their menu offerings while supporting a locally-owned agricultural business.

Our Microgreens are delicate greens that work really well when you’re looking to make an artistic statement in the form of a salad or sandwich. Chef’s love to showcase their seasonal best toppings as a wispy mountain of microgreens. Gives us a call to Place a order to pickup.