Senior Field Trips

A place for seniors to visit a farm can and should be a fun and engaging time. Admission $5. Your experience with the animals and farm lasts about 45 minutes. Remember to bring snacks or lunch to enjoy our picnic area, fun zone and pine trees.

Chaperon’s & group coordinator are free. School Field Trips most weekday mornings, 10 am – 12 noon. Minimum of 10 paid guests. Your visit will include a guided tour to meet and greet our animals, visit our Zippity Zoo Maze & Fun Zone. Have a picnic under the pine trees. Your visit usual is about one 1/2 hours in length.

Dates: Saturdays – April – October
Animal Care Donation: $5 per person.
Please do not bring pets.

Please call or text 970-231-6444
for more info.

Where more is Less. Bring your camera, You're going to have a lot of family fun!

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