Teen Field Trips

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Our aim is to provide a unique, fun and educational interactive experience with a variety of farm animals at our barnyard. That’s why we’re here! Come out and Meet and Greet our animals. We have a horse named Joker, goats, potbelly pigs, free range chickens, kissing Llama & alpacas. Reservations a must!

Teen Field trips can be used for wide and varied purposes. Sometimes a field trip is just what is needed to kick off a unit study, or to pull everything together at the end of a period of study. Field trips can be used to spark interest in a variety of topics, or fields of work or study, which may lead to our students making a new invention or getting interested in a field that may one day become their life’s work.

Are you looking for a fun and educational Teen Field Trip option?  Bring your campers to the Zippity Zoo Barnyard, where they can experience hands-on outdoor education in a beautiful, natural setting. Teachers, Chaperon’s & group coordinators are free.

Most weekday mornings, 10 am – 12 noon. Minimum of 10 paid guests. Your visit usual is two hours in length. Prices start at $5 per paid guest.

As an add on ask about longer visits that allow more time at the farm which means more fun! This could include our farm scavenger hunt or farm disk golf.

Teen Field Trip Request

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Where more is Less. Bring your camera, You're going to have a lot of family fun!

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