Gem & Fossil Panning – Devils Backbone Gulch Lost Mine! – Summer Opening.

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Coming Soon This Summer
(Additional Fee)
Early Mining History:
Masonville was originally platted in the Buckhorn Canyon and along the Buckhorn Creek following a small discovery of Gold. It is surrounded by the stunning foothills and rolling meadows leading up to Estes Park and the Buckhorn, Redstone and Buckhorn and Big Thompson creeks. It is an area considered to be part of the beginning of the “Front Range”. Gold, Silver, Tungsten, Copper and Nickel have been found there along with a host of other lesser ores and small gemstones

Take a step back in time to an era when prospectors searched the Rocky Mountains for treasures of gemstones, ore and other valuable minerals.
We will get you setup in front of our mining sluice with all the supplies you’ll need to discover a wealth of treasures that are yours to take home!
At Devils Backbone Gulch Lost Mine, every miner is guaranteed to leave with a pocket full of loot since each of our pay dirt bags are seeded with an assortment of over a dozen gemstones including rubies, emeralds, topaz, opals and more!

Experience the adventure of mining your own gems and fossils! Just buy a bag of our special gem or fossil mix in the Mine shop, then pan away the sand the old fashioned way in our authentic gem sluice to reveal all sorts of amazing finds! Fun for the Whole Family

Hey, Mom, look what I found! Gem panning is an excellent family activity that provides lots of fun for kids and adults. An excellent way to start a collection and learn about geology and mining history.

What treasures will you discover?

School & youth groups, birthday parties, day camps, scout programs, and others may add this fun learning activity to any Field Trip.

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Where more is Less. Bring your camera, You're going to have a lot of family fun!

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