Quary Dig – Fossil & Indian Artifacts Quest – Summer Opening

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(Additional Fee)
Paleo-Indians and Native American Groups in Larimer County:
A large Native American archaeological site dating Ice Age, is in Larimer County. They found stone tools and animal bones interpreted by archaeologists as the fragmentary remains of an ancient campsite and associated bison kill, inhabited primarily by a group of Paleo-Indians. Later Native American groups like Arapaho, Cheyenne and Sioux used Cache la Poudre Valley and Buckhorn Canyon up to Estes Park for hunting.

Masonville Monster:
After the Buckhorn gold rush played out, different miners began stone quarry operations. The beautiful pink stones from here were used for many buildings in Fort Collins & Loveland and nearby towns. Because of the quarry operations, archaeologists were able to find dinosaur bones dating back 140 million years. Someone dubbed the dinosaur the “Masonville Monster.” All we know is that the fossils are there.

Additional Fee:
Quarry Dig:
Get diggin’ in our Fossil & Artifact Quarry! Dig for real minerals, fossils and geodes in our Quarry Dig. Buy a bag in the Mine shop ($5 for a small bag, $9 for a large bag), then get out a spade(we supply the tools), dig for all sorts of cool stuff in the quarry, and keep whatever fits in your bag. The quarry dig contains an incredible variety of interesting, beautiful (and a few rare) gem and fossil specimens, from very small to 3+ inches in size. Use the chart next to the dig to identify your finds. 

What treasures will you discover?

School & youth groups, birthday parties, day camps, scout programs, and others may add this fun learning activity to any Field Trip.

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Where more is Less. Bring your camera, You're going to have a lot of family fun!

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